Design Guide: Joints with Photopolymers

Photopolymers work best with thread forms designed for plastics and with snap fits, however the design of the joint should match the mechanical properties (compressive strength, elongation) of the material. 

Snap Fits

Snap fit connections should be designed for the material used. The snap length, thickness and interference should keep elongation below 50% the material’s strain limit.

At about 85% elongation, xPP material class works well for snap fits designed for molded polyamide.


Fastening with Metal Screws

  • When fastening with machine screws, use a metallic insert such as a hex nut, heat-set insert, or stand-off to avoid excess strain on thermoset materials.
  • Heat-set inserts are best installed before post curing.
  • If using a thread-forming screw designed to screw into a thermoplastic material, select a tough material like xABS or xPP.



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