Downloading NexaX and Running A Test Print

Downloading NexaX

  1. Download and install NexaX
  2. Ensure that you have the latest firmware
  3. An EXE file should download automatically
  4. Open the Downloads folder and double-click the downloaded file to begin installing NexaX BasicFollow the prompts in the installation wizard to finish installing

NexaX for XiP is the software designed for you to easily prepare parts for printing. To download the NexaX Print Model Software, navigate to the link displayed on the touchscreen of your XiP during setup.

A Basic version of NexaX exists to get you basic functionality for high quality prints. NexaX Pro has advanced features for optimizing your prints to save time and resources.

Visit Printing with XiP for more details on using the NexaX software, but a preloaded test print can get you printing to make sure everything is working correctly.


Updating Firmware

There are two methods to update the printer firmware: Online update for internet-connected printers, and via USB for non-internet connected printers. If the XiP show an alert that there is a firmware update, take a look at our firmware update article for step-by-step instructions.


Running a Test Print

Once onboarding is completed, the printer and accessories are ready for a test print. XiP comes preloaded with a test part file to get started!

Using XiP’s display, tap the Queue Icon on the left side of the display to select a preloaded model to test print and start your first print

1. Make sure the printer door is closed, then follow the instructions on the screen to select a model and start the print. The screen keeps you updated on the status of the print

2. When the print is complete, wait until excess uncured resin stops dripping into the resin vat

3. Wear gloves and open the printer door

4. Unlock the build plate by flipping the lever down and remove the build plate with the part attached. See finishing steps for test print removal and cleaning.


Please keep in mind that the following steps should be done before every print:

  • Install a clean build plate on the Z-axis platform. Maintaining a clean build plate is essential for print success. Ensure your build plate is free of any dust, debris or cured resin on the surface.
  • Install a clean resin vat. Make sure there are no cured pieces of resin or debris in the vat.
  • Install a resin cartridge that matches the material for the resin vat.

NOTE: The material in the cartridge must match the resin in the Vat. If a different type of resin is allowed to flow, the resin vat will be contaminated and compromised.


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