Software Release Notes and Legacy Downloads


Nexa X Release Notes and Legacy Downloads

NexaX 2.9.1-3 - Download

  • Added DentFlow module
  • Added Offline Activation
  • Pop up notification of expiration within 30 days
  • XiP profiles included in installer (bug fix for new users)
  • The lift speed base is lowered to a maximum of 100 mm/min to ensure more reliable adhesion of base layers and extend membrane life.

NexaX - Download

  • Added Pillar Type Support option (faster)
  • Faster Slicer
  • Added base a and b compensation
  • Added different base exposure strategies
  • Notification when new software version available
  • Change format of .nxp resin profile data, not backward compatible
  • Support for XiP Pro

NexaX 2.7.0-13 - Download

  • Printability detection option (Cupping)
  • Auto-Nesting capability
  • Now Supports .3mf file format
  • Bug report link now directed to customer support ticket
  • NexaX Software version and NXP version added to logs on startup


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