Software Release Notes

NexaX 2.5.0-7

New Features:

  • Ability to connect to XiP printers over wifi for sending jobs and checking status

  • New hollowing tool used when hollowing

  • Min-Z and Auto-Orient options added

  • Mesh Repair

  • Optimized support generation speed for very complex models

  • XiP Printer integration

  • Update NXP Online

  • Z-Stacking added

  • Basic & Pro License Updates (New License Tab)

  • Custom Settings (added bComp, xy scaling factor, and z scaling factor)

  • Support Settings UI Update and added contact tip width

  • NXP & NXA Encryption

    • Need to use the new encrypted NXP file that should be provided with this build


  • Duplicate model now moves model into empty space

  • Rotation values will no longer reset after each action

  • Updated Support and Print settings for optimized printing

  • Added tool tip to differentiate between light engine versions

XiP Software Release

New Features:

  • Implemented "Process Mode" to bypass cartridge and resin tank checks
  • Empty bottle detection has been added to the printer status UI. There will now be a notice on the printer status page if the printer detects the bottle may be out of resin.

  • If a print is in progress, the screensaver page will now display information about the current print.

  • Level sensor calibration tool has been added to the maintenance options.

Bug Fixes:

  • Build plate alignment graphics should now show the correct build plate installation animation.

  • The vat cleaning procedure has been streamlined so that it will recognize whether the door is opened or close when navigating through the process.

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