Importing Parts, Scenes, and Jobs

Importing Parts, Scenes, and Jobs

After choosing print settings, the next step will be to choose a file to import. NexaX can import .stl models, and import previously set up scenes.

To open the Import menu, click on the topmost icon on the left side of your screen. Within this menu there are three options:

Import Model - Allows the user to select a 3D model from your computer (.stl files are the currently supported file type). When exporting the 3D model from third party CAD software, be sure to select .stl as the desired file type.

Load Scene - Here users can choose a previously created scene (.nxs). An .nxs file is a project file that retains your layout data (3D models, generated supports, orientation). This enables users to make adjustments to  layout data and print parameters.

Import NXA - A print job file (.nxa) contains the slices and print parameters and instructions for XiP to be able to execute the 3D print. This file does not include any layout data, and so all other options will be greyed out. When importing an .nxa file, users will not be able to change the layout of the 3D models in the scene.


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