Program Download (Windows)

NexaX runs on Windows 10 and Windows 11 OS. This installer will install NexaX Basic for XiP, NexaX Pro for XiP, and NexaX Pro. Access to features dependent on license configuration.


Validated resin parameters from Nexa3D's Process Team can be downloaded through the software interface or here:


Program Download (MacOS Beta)

This installer will install the native MacOS Beta version of NexaX Basic. Access to NexaX Pro features dependent on license configuration.



Printer Firmware

XiP Firmware

Normally XiP firmware should be downloaded directly to the printer through the interface but the file can also be manually downloaded and transferred via USB drive in case the printer cannot connect to the internet as shown in our Updating Software on the XiP support article


NXE400 Firmware


NXD200 / NXE200 Firmware


NXE400Pro Firmware


NXE200Pro Firmware


NXD200Pro Firmware


MagicsPrint for Nexa3D



Configuration File