NX-Series Build Plate Compatibility

We've gotten some questions about build plate compatibility with the NXE400Pro series of printers, so here's the full explanation. 

Reinforced Light Engine

The Pro versions of NX-Series printers have a reinforced light engine (LE4). This light engine can withstand greater homing forces generated with use of solid build platforms or with high viscosity or filled resins. You can only use solid build plates or some resins (xESD, xCERAMIC3280, xFLEX402) on a Pro series printer,  or an NX-series printer upgraded to LE4. Unsure which Light Engine you have? - Check here.

Slotted Build Plates

Slotted build plates allow for better homing, but less force on the light engine when homing, and allow quicker resin back-flushing for most parts. New and old versions of the slotted plates are interchangeable and always compatible with every variation of printer, light engine, and resin. If materials are developed for solid build platforms, the slotted can be substituted, but the parts may be difficult to remove if printed directly on the build platform. Printing on supports is ok, or you can reduce the base exposure defined for the solid build plate profile. 

The new slotted build plate design does have advantages vs. the original design:

  • It is easier to clean and inspect for cured debris, which is a known cause of layer delamination and membrane punctures
  • It self-drains much better, so less material is wasted

This means you can continue running original slotted build plates you have with the Pro series printer and all new resins, however take extra care when cleaning to ensure there is not debris in the slots. We recommend flushing with compressed air after cleaning slots out with a scraper tool or stiff brush. 


  NX Series (LE1-LE3) NX-Pro Series
Resin Profile Slotted Resin Profile Solid Open Resin
mceclip0.png 11002-01-RevA, Original Slotted Plate OK OK OK on supports OK
mceclip1.png 12389-01-RevA, Pro Slotted Plate OK OK OK on Supports OK
mceclip2.png 12390-01-RevA, Pro Solid Plate NOK NOK OK OK if viscosity < 750cPS



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