Starter Kit Overview

The XiP Pro will come with a starter kit of accessories in the box. This is an overview of what the user can expect to find when unboxing.

Printer Toolkit

Power Cable USB Flash Drive Bubble Level Nexa3D Water Bottle

Use it to connect the printer to the power outlet.

Transfer build files from your PC to the printer.

Use it to level the printer. Feet are adjustable.

Nexa3D Water Bottle

Maintenance Kit
3mm Hex Key 4mm Hex Key Feeler Gauges  

Use for general maintenance

Use for build plate alignment

Use for build plate alignment




Post-Processing Toolkit

A kit which contains necessary items for the user to operate the printer and post process produced parts. 

Rolled Mat Tray Container Gloves

Silicone mat to keep the working surface clean

To be used to transfer the build plate and parts to avoid resin drips.

Temporary container to hand rinse small parts.

Safety gloves to be worn when handling resin.

Safety Glasses Funnel Filter Syringe

To be worn when operating the equipment.

To transfer resin from vat to 1kg resin cartridge or 5kg jug.

Use with funnel to filter out resin when transferring back to container

Optional: can be used to remove excess resin in vat and transfer to container

Scraper Silicone Spatula Cleaning Tool Snips

Use to remove parts off of build plate

Use to check resin vat

Mini plate to use with vat cleaning process

Use to remove supports


Use with slotted build plate to pry out parts


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