Navigating the XiP Pro Touchscreen Interface

The interactive touchscreen on the XiP Pro allows the user to manage printer settings, see the print queue, and perform other maintenance procedures.

The touchscreen displays Print information, Settings, environmental conditions and error messages.

The main menu includes three options:

  • Print
  • Dashboard
  • Settings

The Print screen, with the icon of “stacked layers”, lets the user select a print job from:

  • Queue: The XiP Pro job queue
  • History: Jobs printed in the past
  • USB: A job loaded on a USB key

Once a print is started, the screen displays the progress of the print.

Dashboard screen with the icon representing it, contains:
  • Bottle information
  • Vat information
  • Environmental sensor information such as temperature, humidity, and UV
The Settings screen, available by selecting the “gear” icon, contains:
  • Connection: Configure or disconnect Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections.
  • Maintenance: System processes to help you level the build plate or clean the resin vat.
  • System: Reboot your printer, update your printer’s firmware, register your printer, repeat the initial onboarding process, and learn more about your printer (serial number, version) and how to contact support.


Pause, Stop or Delete a Print

While a job is printing, you can tap “Pause” to temporarily stop the print. To resume the print, tap “Resume”. To completely stop a print in progress, tap “Pause” and then tap “Abort Print”.

To delete a print file, choose the file name from the queue and tap Delete Job.


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