XiP Pro Unboxing and Setup

Unboxing the Printer

During unboxing, inspect the XiP Pro for any damage or missing items. In the case of damage or missing items, contact Nexa3D or the certified service provider.

Unpacking instructions are provided on the top of the box. Follow the instructions to lift the top portion of the box off the printer and remove the packing material from around the printer. Have four people, one on each side, lift the printer from the base and put it on a stable flat surface that can support at least 250 pounds.


The XiP Pro 3D printer is a heavy object. Four-person lift is required to prevent injury and avoid damage to the machine.
Save the printer’s Original packaging. It is required for warranty service and designed to be kept and reused for transportation or shipping.


Level the Printer

The printer must be completely level to achieve optimum 3D print accuracy and performance.

  1. Once the printer is safely set on a stable work surface, open the printer door and place a bubble level (provided with the printer box) on the LCD.
  2. Turn leveling feet to adjust incrementally until the bubble reads level. The four leveling feet are attached into the base of the side panels.

Connect the Cables

Cable connections are located at the rear of the printer. These include a power connection and LAN port. Connect the power cable to the back of the printer.

Connect the power cord to an electrical outlet and turn on the switch located behind the printer by the cable.

Once the printer is powered on, the printer will boot up and the interior light will turn on after 5 seconds. The touch screen will show boot progress after a delay of 10-20 seconds.


Ethernet Cable: Plug one end of a network (Ethernet) cable into the Ethernet port and the other end directly into your LAN port.

Once the printer is powered on and connected, the user needs to register the printer to start the warranty and service terms.


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