Installing the XiP Pro Resin Vat

Install the Resin Vat 

Flip the vat frame upside down and lay on the work surface.
Place the foam gasket side of the membrane frame facing toward the vat and line it with the channel in the vat. Make sure the frame is seated properly all around.
Once the membrane frame is in place, flip up the four inner clamps and place the catch on the membrane frame.

Carefully pull all four outer clamps downward, ensuring that the inner clamps continue to rest within the membrane frame groove.

Push outer clamps all the way down to secure the membrane to the vat frame

Flip vat right-side up and place the Resin Spout on the back right hand corner of the vat and press down to snap on and attach.

Lower the Resin Vat Assembly onto the LCD screen. Magnetic clamps lock it in place automatically.

The printer will confirm that the vat is locked.


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