Cleaning the XiP Pro Resin Vat After a Failed Print

If there is a failed print or partially cured pieces of resin have settled in the Resin Vat, use the XiP Pro vat cleaning process. The process cures a thin layer of material on the membrane at the bottom of the Resin Vat to capture settled debris. The layer can then be peeled away using the cleaning tool.



Note: Always wear protective gloves when handling uncured resin.

  1. On the printer touchscreen tap Settings > Maintenance > Resin Vat Cleaning.
  2. Open the printer door and place the cleaning tool in any corner of the Resin Vat with the flat side submerged in the liquid resin and the handle standing above the surface.
  3. Make sure the printer door is closed and tap Confirm.
  4. Select the cleaning process time via the drop down menu 
    • Longer cleaning time generally provides a thicker cured layer
    • Tap Cancel to cancel the process.
  5. Tap Continue to proceed with cleaning.
  6. Tap Confirm when the cleaning process is complete.
  7. Wear protective gloves to protect hands from the liquid resin. 
  8. Open the printer door
  9. Firmly grasp the handle of the cleaning tool, and carefully and steadily lift the cleaning tool vertically to peel the cured film of resin away from the Membrane.
  10. Optionally, use the silicone spatula tool from your toolkit to move away the resin inside the vat to visually check the condition of the membrane. 
    • If a puncture or any damage is found on the Membrane, it will need replacement.


Recommended Exposure Times

10s All others
20s xABS3843, xESD, xFLEX402
40s xPEEK147


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