Inspecting the XiP Pro


Below is a list of parts that we'd recommend inspecting on a regular basis. Adjust the suggested frequency based on personal use.

Inspect Frequency Look For Maintenance Action
Build plate Before every print Clean, flat, smooth surface

Use a scraper to remove cured resin.

Wash plate in isopropyl alcohol if needed.

Z-Stage Lubrication 1000 hours Ballscrew Lubricate by brushing a light coat of non-dust forming grease and inject into the port on the sliding block.
Resin vat interior


After any print failure

Membrane has no punctures, cuts, gouges, or cured resin.

No cured resin particles floating in the vat

Run the process to clean the resin vat (Clean Job)
LCD Glass Daily Clean and free of any resin, dust or other debris Wipe with IPA to remove liquid resin and carefully use a razor blade flush along surface to peel off thin cured resin layers
Touchscreen Daily Clean of resin residue Wipe with IPA to remove residue
Build plate alignment

After LCD is replaced

If build plate adhesion problem observed

Build plate is level with the LCD screen Run the “Build Plate Alignment” process under maintenance section
Air filters Every 3-6 Months Filters are clean and not clogged with dust or particulates Replace as needed depending on work environment
Door alignment If misalignment observed Door not seating properly when closed Adjust door ramp or hinges. Door ramp is located in the lower outer part of the door where it meets the enclosure.


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