Offline Activation of Nexa3D Software

For customers unable to connect their PC to the internet for license activation, an offline activation mode is available starting with  NexaX version 2.9.


The user will enter their license code when prompted and select "Download Request File"

A text file will be downloaded something like this.

Go to and generate a support ticket and attach the request file to the ticket. Ask the support agent to provide a Key File. Or email the file to and request a Key File.

Within 1 business day, one of our agents will generate the Key File and email it to you. It will only be valid for the PC it was generated on. If you are moving your software to a different PC, you will need to inform the support agent which PC must first be deactivated. The keyfile must be activated within 7 days and looks something like this:

Go back to the installation menu of NexaX, enter the license key then select "Import Key File" and select the file you received. You will need to do this each year to renew your license. 


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