Unboxing & Initial Setup


Congratulations on the purchase of your new NXE400 or NXD200. If you have already verified that you meet the following Site Preparation Requirements, you are well on your way to getting started. Move the crate near your intended installation location and follow the steps below.


Video Overview


Instructions: Unboxing the Printer

Step 1 | Take the Printer out of the Crate

  • Unclasp the front and back panels. There should be 8 on the front and 4 on the back.


  • Lower the front panel so that it rests at the bottom lip and creates a ramp
  • Grab the screws in the bag stapled to the center cross brace and use them to lock in the bottom panel


  • Rotate the wheels counterclockwise so that the feet lift up and the machine is resting on the wheels
  • Unscrew the wingnuts on the cross braces to remove them


  • Pull the printer out and down the ramp. 
  • Remove the bag




Step 2 | Remove the Tape and Install Accessories

  • Remove the tape holding shut the front lower compartment door as well as the window.
  • Install the Wi-Fi antenna taped to the top left corner of the machine.
  • Plug in the power cable taped to the backside of the machine.


  • Inside the cabin, pull the tape off the resin nozzle on the left wall
  • Seat the resin nozzle in its magnetic holder



Step 3 | Unlock the Z-Axis


  • The Z-axis is locked in place with a red bracket during shipping. Remove using a 4mm hex tool


Step 4 | Level the Printer


  • Place a bubble level on the light engine
  • Turn wheel cogs clockwise until the feet are touching instead of the wheels
  • Adjust the four feet until the light engine is level


Step 5 | Check the Emergency Stop Button

  • The emergency stop button should not be pressed in. You should see a black ring under the red button head. If not, twist it clockwise.
  • If pressed in, the printer's PC and touchscreen will continue to work (giving you the impression that it is working), but higher power electronics such as the light engine, fans, and pump will not.


Step 6 | Register your Product

  • Power on your printer using the switch in the lower back.
  • When it first boots, it will guide you through the registration process but if you would like a more in-depth article on it, click here.



What's Next

Your printer is now installed and fully registered under warranty. You will want to unbox the accessories kit as well which includes membranes, the build plate and more. Watch the video overview for more details. Afterwards, continue to this guide: Getting Started - Getting Familiar with the Basic Functions.


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