Preparing the Machine & Starting Your First Print


Now that you have created a print file for your machine, it is time to prepare the machine for it. The following steps are the pre-print procedure and should be followed before any print. 



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Step 1 | Load a Membrane


  • Clean the surface of the light engine with IPA wipes. Let the IPA dry.


  • Place a membrane on the light engine. It should nest nicely within the recess. 


  • The touchscreen likely prompted you that it has detected a membrane. Ensure the Membrane ID shown matches the tag on the actual membrane. 


For more information on the RFID workflow, see


Step 2 | Place the Vat on the Membrane and Close Clamps

  • Rotate both vat clamps inward so that they are pressing down on the vat and sealing it against the membrane.


Step 3 | Fill the Vat with Resin

The vat can be filled both manually and with the pump. Your printer includes one material changeover kit (nozzle + hose), but we recommend having a separate kit per resin to avoid cross contamination. For this reason, this guide recommends pouring the resin in manually so that your included kit is available to be used with your preferred resin. 


  • Pour resin into the vat. It is recommended you pour in 1 liter of resin + the volume of your print (in most cases, this is about 1-2 liters of resin). 
  • The capacity of the vat is 3 liters.  



Step 4 | Home the Build Plate


  • Ensure that your build plate is free of any dust, debris or cured resin on the surface or within the slots. This can affect homing or damage the membrane. 


  • Slide the build plate into the arms and tighten the thumbscrews (finger tight). Excessive tightening can cause build plate misalignment.


  • Press Home on the touchscreen and wait for the build plate to complete the homing process.
  • Close the door. 


Step 5 | Start the Print


  • Plug the USB drive with your file from the previous guide. Under Print -> USB, you will see the "Nexa3D Keychain x6" file. Press Load Job.
  • Wait for the process to complete.


  • Press Start.
  • You will be prompted to confirm the pre-print requirements (homing, door closed, etc.).



What's Next

At this moment, your print has started. You should hear the fans kick on. As the print progresses, you will see the UI reflect the progress by layer. You will also see the progress bar illumination reflect the status of your print. You can walk away at this moment and leave the print unattended. 

In preparation for the next steps after the print is completed, we suggest reading through the washing and curing guide so that you prepare the necessary equipment and materials. 



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