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Congratulations on the purchase of your new NXE400 or NXD200! We're sure you're excited to get started with your new equipment but it is important to go through our initial training below for a seamless experience. This guide will run you through your first print from beginning to end, and will point you to some key resources at the end to continue your learning. 


Table of Contents



1. Site Preparation Requirements

Before receiving your printer, you should make sure that the requirements shown on this page (facility, safety, etc.) are completed for a seamless installation experience.



2. Unboxing & Initial Setup

When your printer arrives, follows these steps to get your machine out of the crate, installed and registered.



3. Get Familiar with Common Procedures

Before printing, it is important to get acquainted with the most common functions and procedures of the machine. 



4. Creating a Job File through NexaX

Let's create a job file together so you can get familiar with the basic functions of NexaX and get your first print started, a Nexa3D Keychain!



5. Preparing the Machine & Starting the Print

Now that you have a job file, let's continue by going through the pre-print workflow and starting the job.



6. Washing & Curing your First Print

Once the print is complete, you will have to post process the part (both washing and curing).  


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