xCURE Setup and Operation


About xCURE

xCURE curing machine is sized to work with NXE and NXD series printers, however it can be used to post cure any photopolymer in the 365-405nm curing range.  Parts can be cured on build plates or on the UV clear plastic shelves provided. xCURE heats to 60°C in about 1hr with a bake cycle (no LED), but will heat much quicker with LEDs illuminated. 

Unboxing and Setup

Please confirm your workspace conforms to installation conditions. 

  • Electrical connection must be available for xCURE (100-230VAC 50/60Hz single phase, 4 Amp
    max draw at 120VAC).
  • Phillips head driver required to open the crate.
  • xCURE is 110lbs, and requires 2-man lift to remove from the skid. It is intended to be operated
    on a 30” or 36” table or counter.


xCURE ships in a wood crate and requires a screw driver to open. Unscrew where there is a painted X - first the front panel, then the remaining portion along the bottom only. We recommed to keep the packaging in case you need to transport the machine later. 


IMPORTANT: xCURE must be switched to the correct voltage input prior to plugging in. If set to 115V and a 230V is connected, the power supply will be damaged. If set to 230V and connected to 115V source it will not turn on or will turn off when a cycle is started.


xCURE has adjustable feet set to ~1". No adjustment is necessary. Ensure the jam nut is firmly against the sheet metal and don't drop the xCURE or transport it on the feet to prevent the panel nut from breaking loose.


There will be an accessory box in the crate with xCURE. It includes power cords (NEMA and Shenko) and UV translucent shelves (red arrow) and splash guard (blue arrow). Peel the protective films from the shelves and splash guards and install in the xCURE. Shelves are optional and can be removed if curing on build plate.




xCURE Operation

Place objects to be cured in the center of the xCURE. Some objects may cure more uniformly if the part is rotated mid-way through the cycle. 

Thin wall parts might deform due to uneven curing on either side of a wall - consider curing with supports on for large, thin-walled parts, or use other restraints to maintain the part geometry when curing (wire, clay, tape, etc). 

It is generally recommended to cure with supports removed for most uniform cure depth.  Place objects about 10mm apart to allow light to access all sides the parts. 


Custom Curing Mode - rotate the knob to select the target temperature (leave blank for ambient) and press the knob to toggle to duration selection. Rotate the knob to chose the cure minutes, the depress again to toggle to start and depress to start the cycle.  Refer to curing guidelines for latest recommendations on cure times. The xCURE will begin UV exposure immediately if set to ambient temperature, and will heat up to within 5° of the target temperature before starting exposure when a temperature is entered. 


Bake Cycle Mode - Bake cycle will not turn on the LED and will only activate the heater. It will pre-heat then start the countdown timer. This mode can be used to condition xPEEK147, or to dry parts prior to final cure. 

Resin Profiles - A number of common resin profiles will be included for selection and will generally match the curing guidelines. Curing guidelines may be adjusted based on application requirements. 

Progress Bar - on the front of xCURE will indicate RED when pre-heating, and will display progress by transition from white to blue during the cycle. The bar will be green when completed.

SAFETY WARNING: Don't over-ride the interlock or look directly at the LEDs when illuminated. 

NOTE: some light leakage is expected through the fan vents and door seal. The escaped light is within the safety limits (<0.2mW/cm2 @405nm) and allows the user to confirm the lights are working properly.


xCURE Maintenance

xCURE is easy to maintain. Immediately wipe off liquid resin from shelves and drip tray to allow maximum light transfer. xCLEAN can be used to remove semi-cured residue, but may cause crazing on the shelves if left on for extended periods. 

Expected light intensity at the center of xCURE is 42+/-8 mW/cm2 at 405nm and 12+/-4 mW/cm2 at 365nm.

Firmware updates must be made by a trained technician by USB or ST interface. 

Product Manuals


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