NexaX says my file is corrupted. What should I do?

NexaX will notify you if your .stl file has mesh errors as there is a chance it will not be able to slice it properly which will lead to a print failure. When you come across this, you have 3 options:

  • Adjust the export settings on your CAD or 3D modeling program and try again.
  • Slice the file anyway but inspect the individual slices using the preview box after it has saved. 
  • Repair the .stl file and then slice it.

When exporting .stl or other mesh from CAD data, creating a mesh with too high resolution will increase the risk of slicing errors and slowdown all processing. Typically the accuracy of the .stl only needs to be at the accuracy limit of the printer. We recommend setting .stl export accuracy to equal pixel size (or about 0.05mm) and angle parameter to 5°. Note if you have a large sphere or cylinder reducing the angle parameter to 3° will reduce faceting, but if you have a prismatic part with small fillets and rounds a larger angle parameter like 10° would reduce chance of a layer spanning multiple mesh nodes. 

In some cases rotating the part 1° more can eliminate slicing errors. 

The best option is likely to repair the .stl file. Unfortunately, NexaX currently does not have this capability so you will need to resort to third party software. Some great, free solutions include: 



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