Moving, Rotating & Scaling your Model

When the model is imported, click on it to activate the transform menu shortcuts. These shortcuts will appear in the top right hand corner of the NexaX window. These tools will feel familiar for any users of CAD software.

Translate Tool

The Translate tool can be used to move the model around the build area.

  • Red Arrow - moves the model from side to side along the X-axis

  • Green Arrow - moves the model front to back along the Y-axis

  • Yellow Square - moves the model around the build area

Rotate Tool

The Rotate tool can be used to rotate the model to the desired orientation. Click and drag the red, green, and blue handles to rotate the part along each axis.

Scale Tool

The Scale tool can be used to adjust the size of your model. Click and drag the green cubic handles in order to enlarge or shrink the model.

Duplicate Tool

Use the Duplicate tool to create a copy of your original model.

The tool will automatically overlay a duplicate on top of the original model. You may see a warning that the models are intersecting. Use the translation tool to move the duplicate model away from your original model in the build area

The red trash can button will delete the selected model.

Transform Menu

The Transform Menu on the left side of your screen can be used to manipulate the position of the selected model.


Within this window, users can manually input the desired values for the Position, Rotation, and Scale of your model. The Minimize Support Area option will automatically orient the model so that it minimizes the amount of support contact points on the part surface.

User are able to toggle the unit of measurement from millimeters to inches. Toggle the lock icon next to the Scale input on and off to lock or unlock the relative aspect ratio of the model in the X, Y, and Z dimensions.

Orient to Base Tool

Use the Orient to Base tool to quickly choose the model face that makes contact with the build plate. Select the model, click "Orient to Base" and click the side of the model that that needs to make contact with the build plate.

The model will automatically orient the chosen side flat to the build area. Click done to apply the orientation changes.


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