Using Wash Mode


Wash green printed parts to remove excess uncured resin from part surfaces. Wash+Cure is equipped with magnetic stirrers that agitate the solvent bath to provide a uniform cleaning result.


Starting the Wash Cycle

If the Wash+Cure was last used in Cure mode: Remove the cover, straighten the LED light array, and remove the curing table before proceeding with the Wash mode.


  1. Align the washing bucket with the indentation in the base and install it firmly on the platform

  2. Set the machine to Wash mode by pressing the Mode button (When the device first powers on, the default mode is Wash)

  3. Turn the Time Knob to set the washing time and then press the knob inward to start the wash
    For part wash time recommendations, visit

  4. A beeping sound will indicate when the wash is finished

    1. If the part was bathed in xCLEAN, it will need an additional bath in water or IPA to remove the xCLEAN solvent

  5. Remove the part and let air dry for 30 minutes at room temperature before curing. If washing or rinsing a part with water, dry for 30 minutes at 40°C

  6. Seal and remove the washing bucket to avoid washing solvent spills

A two-stage washing process is recommended: a dirty bath and a clean bath. The dirty bath is for removing the bulk of the excess resin from the surface of the part and as such, it can be saturated with much more resin before having to be replaced. The second stage is the clean bath, which should be filled with clean solvent and reserved for final wash for a deeper cleaning of the part.


A hydrometer (not included) can more accurately measure the resin saturation levels of your solvent bath. However, if parts are starting to be sticky or tacky after printing then it is likely that the solvent is oversaturated and needs replacing.


Eventually, your Dirty Bath will become very saturated with resin and will need to be discarded. In that case, you can repurpose your Clean Bath, after it has become saturated, as your Dirty Bath. Dispose over-saturated solvents as per chemical waste guidelines in your region.



Use appropriate protective equipment when handling resin and solvents, including chemical-resistant nitrile gloves, safety goggles, smock, and vapor respirator if recommended by the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) of the solvent. If a SDS has not been provided by the seller, it should be provided upon request.


Your Wash+Cure is compatible with 2 types of solvents: Nexa3D’s xCLEAN solution and Isopropyl Alcohol. Each one of these solvents has specific benefits and you can find their differences below for your application.


Nexa3D’s xCLEAN

  • 3x the saturation limit of isopropyl alcohol

  • Eco-friendly

  • More effective at cleaning parts due to its small molecular size

  • Requires a final wash in water or isopropyl alcohol to wash off excess


98+% Isopropyl Alcohol

  • Required for biocompatible and hydroscopic applications

  • 1/3 the saturation limit of Nexa3D’s xClean solution

  • Doesn’t require a final rinse, and parts can dry immediately after final bath


🔥 Most cleaning solvents are flammable. Don’t use near open flame and ensure adequate ventilation and spill containment measures are in place. Consult the safety data sheet (SDS) of the washing solvent you are using.


Recommended Wash Times

We have some general wash time guidelines in our article on recommended Wash+Cure times.



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