Finishing Kit Overview


Your XiP printer comes with a set of finishing tools that should include the following:

Tool Roll Silicone mat holds the Flush Cutters, files, and other finishing kit tools

Used as a surface for printed parts after removal. 

Metal Scraper Used to remove the parts from the XiP Build Plate. Warning: sharp edges! When removing parts, cut away from your body and avoid cutting towards your hands.
Spatula Used for scraping liquid resin around in the vat to visually check the membrane for any damage after print failures.
Wash Bucket  Holds solvent for cleaning prints. Keep lid sealed while not in use to reduce solvent fumes
Wash Basket  Used to agitate parts in the wash bucket during cleaning
Flush Cutters Snips for cutting supports at the touch point
Round and Flat Files

Files for sanding down touch points

Cleaning Tool 

Tool is placed stamp-side down in corner of the vat within the build area before the cleaning routine is executed


Once the cleaning routine has been run via the printer's touch screen UI, use the cleaning tool handle to peel the layer of cured resin sheet from the printer membrane. Ensure that sheet is entirely cured before disposal.

Funnel and filters

For refilling resin cartridges. Tip: use the cartridge packaging to hold the cartridge upside down with the valve facing up




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