Finishing Kit Overview


Your XiP printer comes with a set of finishing tools that should include the following:

Tool Roll


Metal and Plastic Scrapers






Wash Bucket

Wash Basket

Flush Cutters

Cleaning tool






Tool Roll - This silicone mat holds the Flush Cutters, Metal Scraper, and Plastic Spatula all in one tidy location. These are essential tools for removing prints from the XiP Build Plate and post-processing.

Tray - What can we's a tray! Hopefully it will help you keep work surfaces clean while you're removing and post-curing your printed parts. Make sure to thoroughly clean with Isopropyl Alcohol after each use to keep it from getting sticky over time.

Metal Scraper - The metal scraper will help you remove the parts from the XiP Build Plate. To remove, gently slide the scraper under the base edge of printed parts to remove them from the build plate. Always make sure you’re using the metal scraper away from your body, and avoid cutting towards your hands as you would with any sharp tool. It can be dangerous if you're not careful!

Plastic Spatula - The plastic spatula is used for scraping liquid resin around in the vat to visually check the membrane for any damage after print failures.

Wash Bucket - This handy container holds the solvent of your choice to wash printed parts from excess liquid resin after removing from the build plate. Comes with a tight-fitting lid to reduce solvent fumes while not in use.

Wash Basket - The Wash Basket can be used to agitate parts in the wash bucket during cleaning. It's also ideal for reducing the amount of time you might spend fishing small parts out of a potentially murky solvent bath.

Flush Cutters - These are to help you remove the supports from your printed parts, as they're great for getting close to the surface of the print. Tearing supports off of prints manually can cause dimples in your parts, so the flush cutters can help you avoid pitting in your finished pieces.

Cleaning Tool - This stamp-like tool is used during the process of cleaning the membrane. The tool is placed stamp-side down in the vat before the cleaning routine is executed. Once the cleaning routine has been run via the printer's touch screen UI, the handle can be used to peel the resultant cured resin sheet from the membrane which ensures that there is no remaining material adhering to the bottom of the vat.


If you find you’re missing any tools from your kit, please reach out to our support team at or submit a ticket here.



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