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Can I download NexaX for XiP before it arrives?

You can download NexaX for XiP from our downloads page.

What is the Build Volume of XiP?

XiP has a 4.8L build volume that consists of the following dimensions:

X axis 7.5in (190mm) x Y axis 4.7in (120mm) x Z axis 8.2in (210mm)

Can I use other resins besides the ones currently validated for XiP?

NexaX Pro offers the option for custom resin settings. This version of the software comes with additional settings that will allow you to use whichever resins you’d like.

Please keep in mind that if the resin is not on our list of currently validated materials, it may not print perfectly at first. Using non-validated resins may require some trial-and-error setting adjustments to fine tune your workflow. A license for NexaX Pro can be purchased here.

How Fast Does XiP Print?

Print speed can vary depending on the type of material you’re using. However, XiP’s use of LSPc technology allows it to print roughly ~1 layer per second.

How many parts can I print with 1kg of resin?

This depends on your model size, whether it’s hollow, or what type of lattice fill you have. This is somewhat like asking “how many groceries can I buy for $100?” The answer depends on what your print needs are, and how you optimize your models.

What type of support comes with XiP?

Our Support Team is available from 9am - 8pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, excluding most major holidays.

Our general Support team offers quick-turnaround email service for all XiP users. These methods are most efficient for troubleshooting as we can request photo and video files to best answer your questions in a timely manner.

Through our EverCare program you’ll have the ability to call our support team during standard business hours.

What is the EverCare Service Plan and How do I purchase it?

EverCare Support is our top tier support option that gives you more ways to connect with us in an expedited fashion. EverCare comes with the standard email support along with phone support and a 30 minute customized training to help users hit the ground running. On top of expedited and additional communication methods, the service plan includes printer hot-swaps to reduce on down time in case the printer needs to be replaced for any reason.

You can purchase the EverCare Service Plan by contacting our Sales Team at +1 805 364 5441, or by purchasing through our web store.




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