Inspecting and Replacing the Membrane



The Resin Vat Assembly is a 3-piece assembly of a rigid frame, a replaceable membrane, and a face seal that provides a leak-proof seal between the frame and membrane.


The Membrane is a consumable part and becomes worn over time. Replace the Membrane when wear begins to affect print quality. You should immediately replace the Membrane if there is any visible damage or evidence of resin leakage onto the LCD.


Leakage on the LCD from a punctured membrane

To replace the membrane,

  1. tap Settings > Printer Status and then tap on the resin vat icon to unlock the magnetic clamps that hold the vat onto the LCD
  2. Lift off the Resin Vat
  3. Pour out any liquid resin (back into the cartridge using the finish kit funnel, or into an opaque container) and clean the vat thoroughly with IPA to avoid dripping resin when the vat is turned over
  4. Flip the vat over and place it on a clean, flat surface
  5. Unlatch the 4 latches holding the Membrane onto the frame and lift off the Membrane
  6. Hold the new membrane by the edges and place it in the recess (screws facing up), taking care not to touch the clear membrane
  7. Make sure the Membrane is seated snugly on the face seal to prevent leaks and close all 4 latches that hold the Membrane onto the frame
  8. Turn the Resin Vat over so that the magnets are on the bottom and then place the vat back onto the LCD

Note: Membrane Handling Precautions. 

  • Handle by the frame only, avoid touching the Membrane
  • Keep resin off light-engine side of membrane, clean LCD display with 99% IPA before installing
  • Avoid contact with any surface other than the light engine - keep on a clean surface or in a clean bag
  • If changing to a different resin, clean the resin side only using a lint free wipe moistened with IPA
  • Shelf life of new Membrane is 2 years stored in sealed bag
  • Shelf life with resin is 2-4 weeks, store in a dark, clean container

To prevent damage to the membrane:

  • Check Build Plate for cured resin or burrs before use 
  • Filter resin or run a Cleaning Procedure after any failed build (Settings > Maintenance > Resin Vat Cleaning Procedure)
  • Keep away from sharp objects
  • Inspect light engine surfaces and seals for cracks, burrs, or damage


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