Membrane Care and Installation


The LSPc membrane is delicate and requires good work practices to prevent damage:

All Users:

  • Handle by the frame only, avoid touching the film
  • Keep resin off light-engine side of membrane, clean LCD display with 99% IPA before installing
  • Avoid contact with any surface other than the light engine - keep on a clean surface or in a clean bag. Don't use solvents on LCD side of membrane.
  • Run the Cleaning Procedure after failed builds, and use the cleaning tool with ~50mm strip of paper underneath to facilitate removal of the cured layer (avoid using fingernail that can deform the membrane).
  • If changing material, wipe membranes clean while still on the printer to avoid stretching or contaminating the underside.
  • If extracting resin with syringe – use soft-tip syringe only. Tip you can make your own soft tip with ID 8mm viton hose 30mm long. 
  • Keep build plate aligned within tolerance.
  • Inspect protective glass, border tape for debris or damage before installing membrane and vat.
  • Keep away from sharp objects, like the metal scraper from the finish kit
  • Shelf life of new Membrane is 2 years stored in sealed bag
  • Shelf life in vat with resin is 2-4 weeks, store in a dark, clean container (or in printer)

NX Series users should also:

  • Use black framed membranes.
  • Load the membrane on the vat before loading into printer.
  • Use pump only to drain - avoid pushing debris from the filter back into the vat.
  • Filter when pouring in. This tool can help.
  • Keep resin and solvents off the frames.
  • Don’t change membranes with material changes. Wipe it clean and keep it in the printer.
  • Ensure slots in slotted build plates are completely free of cured material (brush then air blast).
  • Avoid low-viscosity resin with slotted build plate on LE4 / NXPro - squeeze film inadequate to protect the membrane from damage from small particulatesl

Membrane Vat Assy Overview (XiP)

The Resin Vat Assembly is a 3-piece assembly of a rigid frame, a replaceable membrane, and the resin cartridge connector spout.


The Membrane is a consumable part and becomes worn over time. Replace the membrane when wear begins to affect print quality, or if there is a puncture or tear. Immediately replace the Membrane if there is any visible damage or evidence of resin leakage onto the LCD.


Leakage on the LCD from a punctured membrane

To replace the membrane on XiP:

  1. Remove the build plate from the printer
  2. On the touchscreen, tap Settings > Printer Status, then tap on the resin vat icon to unlock the magnetic clamps that hold the vat onto the LCD
  3. Remove the resin vat by gripping it from the sides and lifting it up and out of the printer
  4. Pour out any liquid resin from the resin vat (back into the cartridge using the finish kit funnel, or into an opaque container)
  5. Use the silicone scraper to gently scrape as remaining material off of the membrane as possible
  6. Flip the vat over and place it on a clean, flat surface
  7. Unlatch the 4 latches holding the Membrane onto the frame and lift off the Membrane (store or discard as needed)
  8. Hold the new membrane by the edges and place it with the gasket in the vat recess, taking care not to touch the film
  9. Make sure each corner is seated by firmly pressing each one to make sure all four are seated properly into the groove; the film of the membrane should be extremely taut
  10. Place all four small inner flaps of the pressure clamps into the groove of membrane frame, then clamp down all four outer flaps to secure the membrane frame onto the vat
  11. Flip vat assembly right side up and do a visual final check on the membrane to make sure it is seated and none of the corners of the frame are lifted



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