Replacing the Glass LCD Cover

The LCD screen is covered by a glass screen protector to shield the LCD from damage. The screen protector will need to be replaced if it is cracked or scratched, as it can puncture the membrane.

It is a good idea to check the alignment of the build plate before and after glass replacement. If the damage was caused by a build plate out of alignment, the alignment should be corrected first to ensure a 75um (.003") shim will fit under the build plate in the home position.

Tools and Environment

The following will be needed for the replacement process:

  • The glass cover LCD replacement kit
    • Replacement glass LCD cover
    • Straight edge tool
    • Dust-removal Stickers
    • Handling tape stickers
    • Alcohol wipe
    • Microfiber cloth
  • A dust-free environment

Replacement Steps

1. Remove old protective cover by peeling up the corners using the provided straight edge tool

2. Clean bare LCD screen thoroughly with alcohol wipe and microfiber cloth, ensure that there is not any dust left over by using the dust removal stickers

3. Stick the included handling tape stickers to the top side of the new protective cover to hold it while peeling off the backing from the underside

4. Line up the long side of the protective cover with the black tape along the edges of the LCD Note: ensure that the protective cover does not overlap the black tape

5. As it lays down, rub the protective cover back to front with the straight edge tool to avoid bubbles

6. Once the cover has settled, use the straight edge tool to remove any remaining bubbles



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