Replacing the Glass LCD Cover

The LCD screen is covered by a glass screen protector to shield the LCD from damage. The screen protector will need to be replaced if it is cracked or scratched, as it can puncture the membrane.

Tools and Environment

The following will be needed for the replacement process:

  • The glass cover LCD replacement kit
    • A replacement glass LCD cover
    • Cover removal tool
    • Dust-removal Stickers
    • Microfiber cloth
  • Plastic spatula (included in finish kit, ensure that it is clean)
  • A dust-free environment
  • Sticky tape


Removing Cracked LCD cover

1. Power down the printer and open up the door

2. Remove build plate, resin cartridge, and resin vat from the printer so that the LCD is exposed

3. Gently peel up the corners of the cracked cover using the flat edge of the cover removal tool

4. Once corners are pulled up, peel cracked cover away from the LCD, being careful not to touch the LCD glass surface

5. Wipe LCD screen with microfiber cloth to remove as much residue and dust from the LCD glass surface as possible

6. Make sure that there is no dust on the LCD. Remove any visible specks with the dust-removal stickers


Applying Replacement LCD Cover

There should be a protective film with a pull tab on each side of the replacement cover. Only remove the protective films when specified.

1. Lay the replacement cover down on a clean, dust-free work surface

2. Loosely loop some sticky tape around your first three fingers with the adhesive side facing outward

3. Stick the sticky tape loop to the upward-facing side of the replacement cover, creating a handle

4. Loop your fingers through the tape and lift the replacement cover from the work surface

5. Using the pull tab, gently peel away the bottom protective film

6. Handling the cover only by the edges, hold the cover over the LCD and match up the corners so that they are aligned

7. Gently squeeze to slightly arch the cover toward the LCD and lower until the middle of the cover rests on the LCD glass

8. Slowly lower and let go of the edges of the cover until it settles entirely onto the LCD

9. Using the straight edge of the plastic scraper from the finish kit, gently scrape out any air bubbles that may remain beneath the cover

10. Using the pull tab, carefully peel the upward-facing protective film away from the cover


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