Replacing the LCD on XiP



The LCD screen is essential in XiP's print process. During a print cycle, an image of each sliced layer of the model is generated on the LCD. The generated image masks the light generated by the UV light engine (also known as the LED array) that is located beneath the LCD.

This cures the liquid material in the resin vat in the shape of the masked image. The build plate will then peel and lift the layer from the membrane to repeat the cycle until print is complete.

The LCD is considered a consumable part and will need to be replaced when wear affects print quality, which is usually around 3,000 hours of printing time.

You will need:

  • 3mm hex key provided with the printer
  • New LCD screen

Remove the old LCD

  1. Turn off the 3D printer and unplug the power cable before changing the LCD.
  2. Open the printer door and make sure the build plate is lifted completely on the Z-axis. Remove the Resin Cartridge, Build Plate, and the Resin Vat.
  3. Use a 3 mm hex (Allen) wrench to remove the four screws that attach the LCD to the printer. 
    Note:  If any resin has cured on the screw heads, carefully remove it before trying to remove the screws.
  4. Lift the screen straight up and off the printer.
    Asset_2_RemoveLCD.png Asset_3_LiftLCD.png

Install the new LCD

  1. Make sure the new screen is oriented with the PCB connector (located on the underside of the LCD) at the front so the new screen can connect to the printer.
  2.  Place the new LCD Screen on the printer and make sure it seats securely with the PCB connector.
  3. Replace the four screws and tighten with a 3 mm hex (Allen) wrench until hand tight



Once the LCD is replaced, be sure to run the Build Plate Leveling Procedure. This can be done by going to the printer touchscreen and choosing Settings > Maintenance > Build Plate Leveling and following the on-screen instructions.

Asset_4_WARNING.png Failure to run the Build Plate Alignment procedure after LCD replacement can cause damage to the new LCD



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