Prime system for next print

Benjamin Sprygada

Currently you must load a print to start it on the printer.   A competitive produce allows the user to "home" the platform and run through system checks (such as if you tighten the thumb screws) so you can send your print and it starts automatically.  Currently you can't start a job remotely or on off hours without someone there to do it manually.


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    Marcus Dancy

    I agree with this but at the same time I don't. I've had issues with small holes in the membrane which has caused leaks. I found out after 3-4 prints, as much as I would it to automatically start there is more risk in popping the membrane or damaging the screen if not checked beforehand. I personally had high hopes this would be the set it forget it lol, but I just dont think its there yet or at least for the Xip. I'm not sure about the NXE.


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