Through-hole masking / size adjustment in NexaX

Jonah Hinds

Throughout my time printing, one big issue that I've had is that through-holes can often come out misshaped if they are not oriented perpendicular to the build plate. This is especially true for clear / translucent resins, but also happens with dark resins as well.

My part is oriented 45 deg. in X, and 20 deg. in Y, so not perpendicular to the build plate. My through holes would come out oval-shaped, so I measured the large and small diameter of the oval holes and edited my solidworks file to make the circular holes into ovals (opposite to how they would come off the print) so that they would come out circular.

It might be possible to include a feature in NexaX to automatically adjust through holes to print like this. Masking might be one way to achieve this.

It might be difficult, since the resins might have to be individually characterized, but I feel like this could be very beneficial to avoid having to iterate the small adjustments to eventually achieve a circular through hole.



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