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I have some general questions about the Nexa NXE 400 that I wanted to ask the community:

Do someone know how I can tell the Slicer to only generate Support from Buildplattform to Part? If this is not possible it would help to know when the Support is generated from Part to Part and how to avoid it.

Is there a possibility to delete print jobs that are in the queue? Also I haven't manage to delete finished print jobs from the history. I am wondering how long I can work like this. I mean there must be some point where the memory is full or not?

It always shows me this error that the material that my print file uses is not matching with the material of the printer. The material that is saved in the printer is xABS-3843. I searched in the interface but there is nothing to change it.

Thank you a lot for your answers





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    Brent Zollinger
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    Hi. Let me try to answer your questions:

    Supports - we have 2 options Scaffold or Pillar type supports. With scaffold you cannot prevent it from building supports from the part, but you can adjust the parameters to make it less likely, then delete supports that are part to part if needed. Try increasing "silhouette distance" to max, reducing "critical overhang angle". With Pillar type supports there is a control called "support in shell" if you turn that off it will avoid part-to-part supports.

    Queue - there is not a great way to delete print jobs loaded in the queue today. You can load the job as if you were going to print it, then cancel it. 

    Clear History - The history will clear automatically. It is set up as a rolling buffer of about 20 jobs or 20GB. If you need to clear history or queue, there is always the factory reset option, but you will need to go through the registration process again after that. 

    Material Display - We need to confirm the .nxp and firmware version to properly answer this question - it is likely there is a typo in the resin lookup table embedded in the .nxp causing the resin names not to match. The printer firmware may need to be updated to take the latest lookup table. Send the specific details for your printer to a support ticket and we can troubleshoot that for you.

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    Thank you Brent :)

    Material Display - I checked the printer for updates and there are none. Currently I am using the NexaX 2.7 version. I will update it to 2.8 und let you know if something has changed. 


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