Layer counter for the membrane

Jakub Lisiecki
I suggest adding an option to the firmwer that counts how many layers have been printed on a given membrane. (Just like in XiP)
This can be written down on a piece of paper but it is not very convenient and easy to miss.
With a long print run it is very important for the user to know how many layers a given membrane has already been reprinted. The current indicator is practically useless.
Above that, if the printer misreads the membrane number or there is no such option in older devices. There should be an option to enter the membrane number manually. And determine how it was laid out ( there is a sticker so you can use it as a marker).
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    Marcus Dancy

    Or it can be added in the Nexa software. Either way it is definitely needed. The membranes seems to get damaged way more than traditional Fep. At least we can know its near it end and we need to be cautious. yeah in that case firmware and NexaX would be a good safeguard. 


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