Membrane wear light map

Jakub Lisiecki
I propose to change the current membrane wear indicator to 
" Membrane wear light map", it could look like "Light pollution map"
Enlarge the indicator to at least half a screen. The current size is impractical.
Such a map is useful for arranging the printing space when we print different models of different heights in one process. 
If we know how the different parts of the membrane are worn it is easier to arrange the models in such a way that we are much more confident that they will come out correctly.
Such a map should be imported by the NexaX program from the printer and applied as a table grid background.  
Of course, it is important how the diaphragm is laid out so you should use the position of the sticker.
This could be combined with the function of counting printed layers.
I haven't seen such an innovative feature anywhere yet. An ideal feature  for the NexaX Pro  version.
Best Regards



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