Expanded printer fleet management

Jakub Lisiecki
I propose to add a function in NexaX that will allow you to analyze the usage and consumption of a printer/printer fleet.
What would be presented:
Printer Directory/Manager:
An option to manage a catalog of what has been printed.
Each printed table, and NXA file behind it, would get a sequential number and be cataloged along with the photo and info file. Alternatively, the path to where the user saved the file with the possibility to refresh the path if the file was "manually" moved
Printer status information:
- Device Maintenace:
 A line graph to each item that is subject to routine and temporary inspection, replacement. And a reset button that would indicate that the indicated inspection had been performed.
Currently, there is no such counter and the user and unless he keeps an accurate inspection book of the device does not know what and how with his printer. This is a working device and such information is a must. 
General information:
- The number of printers in the organization
- Number of users in the organization
- Number of items printed
- Number of printed tables/elements
1. Print Jobs per Week, and set:
-- Interval (Day, week, month, quarter, year)
-- Used ( all users, designated user)
2. Printer Bandwidth by User, and in it set:
-- Time Span (Past 24h, week, month, quarter, year, all time)
-- Printer ( all printers, selected printer)
3.Material Usage per Week, and in it set:
-- Interval (Day, week, month, quarter, year)
-- Used ( all users, designated user)
-- Material ( any, select resin from base).
4.Printer Utilization, and in it set:
-- Interval (Day, week, month, quarter, year)
-- Printer ( all printers, selected printer).
5.Print Job History CSV Download
-- Printer ( all printers, selected printer
-- Users ( all users, designated user)
-- Material ( any, select resin from base)
Such  a small data set will allow the organization to analyze the use of equipment and plan the purchase of consumables.
Analyze how the production process is going. Where, when and how long the downtime is between printings. Organize the printing process, and preparation between prints in such a way as to minimize downtime and thus increase productivity.
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    David Davie


    These are all great features and you have put a lot of thought behind it. I am interested to know what your priorities would be for these features? 

    For me I would like to see:

    #1 Device Maintenance - You must take care of your equipment or you will fail

    #2 Job History Download - this should be simple since there is a log already in NexaX

    #3 Print Jobs per Week - again the data is there, simply needs a means to report. If you had #2 you could create a dashboard in Excel for the interim 

    #4 You could combine your items 2,3,4 by analyzing the queue data. Again a dashboard could be created in Excel for the interim

    Let me know what your thought are,




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