XiP Pro Onboarding Procedure

Printer Registration

The machine does not need to be connected to a network to register, but the user will need a network-connected device on hand (smartphone, laptop, etc.) to fill out the online registration.

Registration starts the warranty on the machine and it provides Nexa3D with a point of contact and general location for the machine, which is important for warranty service. To register:

  1. Tap Get Started on the welcome screen.
  2. Use a smartphone to scan the QR code on the printer's touchscreen. If the QR code cannot be scanned, skip to Step 5.
  3. The scanned QR code will bring the user to the printer registration form with the printer serial and registration code filled in. Enter the remaining information on the registration form and click Submit. Once the form has been submitted, the user will receive a 4-digit Printer PIN to enter onto your XiP Pro printer.
  4. Return to the printer's touchscreen and tap Continue. Enter the 4-digit Printer PIN from the registration form into the touchscreen number pad to complete the registration process.
  5. If unable to scan the QR code, tap the Can't Scan the QR Code option on the printer's touchscreen. Use a computer or mobile device to navigate to https://nexa3d.com/registration/
  6. Complete the registration form using the printer's unique registration code generated on the printer's touchscreen. Upon submission of the registration form, the user will receive the 4-digit Printer PIN.
  7. Return to the printer's touchscreen, tap I Have Received the Printer PIN and enter the 4-digit pin on the number pad to complete the registration process.

The registration form asks for several pieces of information:

  • Contact Info: Needed to associate the warranty information and for Nexa3D to get in touch in case of urgent updates or recalls.
  • Location Info: Needed to associate the warranty information and to ship parts or replacements in the event of warranty service.
  • Registration Code: The unique registration code generated on the printer’s touchscreen if unable to scan the QR code.

Connect to Wi-Fi

  1. Tap Continue to use XiP Pro’s built-in Wi-Fi to connect to your network. Otherwise, tap Skip if you will use a direct USB cable or Ethernet connection.
  1. Choose the name of the network you want to connect to, enter the network’s password and tap Join.
  1. Tap Continue after your connection is confirmed.

Open the Toolkit

The Toolkit includes tools to help with post processing of your printed parts.

  1. Unbox the Toolkit and on the user interface tap Continue to review the items.
  2. Ensure the listed items are accounted for and tap continue.
  3. Wear gloves and continue with the rest of the onboarding process.

Note: If you find you're missing any listed tools from your kit, please reach out to our support team at support@Nexa3D.com or submit a ticket on our support site support.Nexa3D.com


Printer Leveling

Locate the bubble level provided inside the toolkit box and place it on the LCD screen inside the printer. Locate the four feet of the printer and adjust accordingly to level the printer. The printer will be level when the bubble is inside the inner bulls-eye.

Important: Confirm the printer does not rock after leveling. If the printer rocks, then lower the foot until it touches the table, then rotate another half-turn. The printer must be installed on a flat and stable table with weight rating greater than 100lbs per sq. ft. of surface area. If the table rocks, isn't flat, or bows under the weight of XiP Pro the printer will twist and make build plate alignment impossible. 

Install the Build Plate


  1. Open the printer door, slide the build plate onto the Z-axis platform until seated flush with the z-stage arm. It should not stick out.
  1. Lift the lever to lock the plate in position.

Install the Resin Vat 

  1. Flip the vat frame upside down and lay on the work surface.
  1. Place the foam gasket side of the membrane frame facing toward the vat and line it with the channel in the vat. Make sure the frame is seated properly all around.
  1. Once the membrane frame is in place, flip up the four inner clamps and place the catch on the membrane frame.
  1. Carefully pull all four outer clamps downward, ensuring that the inner clamps continue to rest within the membrane frame groove.
  1. Push outer clamps all the way down to secure the membrane to the vat frame.
  1. Flip vat right-side up.
  1. Place the Resin Spout on the back right hand corner of the vat and press down to snap on and attach.
  1. Lower the Resin Vat Assembly onto the LCD screen. Magnetic clamps lock it in place automatically. The printer will confirm that the vat is locked.
  1. Filling the Vat with Resin

Overview: To fill the resin vat you will use a combination of hand-poured resin and a cartridge to maintain resin level.

  1. Fill up to 1.5L mark denoted on the back wall of the resin vat by manually pouring resin using a 5kg jug..
  1. Shake the Resin cartridge for 30 seconds to mix.
  1. Remove the seal cap of the resin cartridge by unscrewing the top.
  1. Insert the resin cartridge while holding it with the label facing toward the front. Make sure it is fully inserted.


Install NexaX 3D Print Software

  1. Use a computer to navigate to the link displayed on the screen (https://support.nexa3d.com/hc/en-us/p/downloads) to download the NexaX 3D Print Software.
  2. Tap Confirm to proceed to the next step.

Make a Test Print

The printer is ready for the first test print! XiP Pro comes preloaded with a test part file to get started.

  1. The user can tap Continue to select a preloaded model to start your first print. Otherwise, tap Skip to create your first print later.
  2. Make sure the printer door is closed, then follow the instructions on the screen to select a model and start the print.
  3. The screen continuously displays the status of your print.
  4. When the print is complete, let the build sit for 5 - 10 minutes to allow excess uncured resin to drip back into the vat. This step is optional.
  5. Wear PPE (goggles and gloves) and open the printer door. Unlock the build plate by pushing the lever back and remove the build plate.

The guided setup is complete! To re-run the guided setup, select Settings > System > Onboarding.


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