XiP and XiPPro Resin Cartridges

Nexa3D is phasing out 1L (1kg) XiP and XiP Pro cartridges for 1.5L (1.5kg) cartridges. Keep the cartridge inserted in the printer during printing to maintain constant resin level during the print. Remove the cartridge and store upright when not printing. Both cartridge styles are compatible with Both XiP and XiPPro printers.  Please take note of the correct spout to use in the vat for each bottle. The spout can be re-used multiple times. If you need a spout replacement please contact support@nexa3d.com. 

Both bottles may be refilled using the funnel provided with the printer. The aluminum bottle is refilled with the valve cap installed, and the plastic 1.5L bottle is refilled with the spring plunger cap removed.


We have accessories to help with refilling bottles downloadable to print here


1L Spout SKU: 12053-02-RevB

1.5L Spout SKU: 12053-03-RevA



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