Updating Software on the XiP

There are two methods to update the printer firmware: Online update for internet-connected printers, and via USB for non-internet connected printers

Online Update Method

Pre-requisite: Need an internet connection

  1. On your XiP, Navigate to Settings → System → Update

  2. Select “Check Online”

  3. If there is a new version available, click update

  4. The UI will show an update in progress loading screen

    Note, there will be two behaviors during this process: the UI will freeze for a short time after a while and the device will need to be manually rebooted after the update
  5. Wait for device to finish the update. It will navigate back to the dashboard screen when it is finished. You can check that the version has been updated in the Update screen or in the Printer Information screen

  6. If there are any issues please reach out to support@nexa3d.com with any screen shots of errors that can be provided

USB Update Method

Prerequisite: Need a USB drive, (preferably FAT32 formatted)

  1. Download the XiP firmware (.nxu) file

  2. Plug USB drive into your computer
  3. Copy the .nxu to the USB drive

  4. Eject the USB drive when the file is finished transferring, and remove USB drive from your computer
  5. Plug the USB drive into the XiP printer's USB port on the left hand side

  6. Navigate to Settings → System → Update

  7. Select “Check USB”

  8. Proceed through the online update method steps 4-6

Updating Material Profiles

Material profiles (file extension .nxp) contain the light engine settings for the XiP's material base. It's important to keep them up to date.

Material profiles can be updated directly through NexaX on a computer that is connected to the internet. To do so, go to the job settings window and choose the "Update to Newest Profiles" button.


If the computer running NexaX cannot directly be connected to the internet, the file can be manually installed by downloading the .nxp file from another device and transferred to the computer.

To do so, you'll need to download the file on a separate device and copy it over to the computer running NexaX using a thumb drive or external hard drive formatted FAT32.

1. Plug in the thumb drive or external hard drive to your computer

2. Download the latest Resin Parameter (.nxp) file

3. Navigate to the downloaded file on your computer and transfer to the external drive

4. When transfer is complete, eject the drive, unplug and plug the drive in to the computer running NexaX

5. Transfer the downloaded file to the computer and unzip

6. Open NexaX and navigate to the Job Settings window (if it does not open upon startup, click on the Settings card on the right hand side of the NexaX window under Job Info)


7. In the Job Settings Window, choose the Import Profiles button


8. From your file picker, navigate to the unzipped .nxp file, click to highlight, then click Open


9. Once the file has been loaded, choose the XiP option from the printer drop down list


10. Check the resin drop down menu to ensure that the library is updated with the newest materials




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