Sending .nxa Print File to LSPc Printers in NexaX


You can send the .nxa print file to the printer in a few ways. This article includes instructions to send the files as well as troubleshooting for common issues. 

Send Job to XiP via Local Area Network

Once the print job has been saved, you can send it to your XiP printer if it is connected via WiFi or Ethernet. Use the green “Send To Printer” button to get the process started.

In the Send to Printer dialogue box, use the Select Job button to locate the print job file on your computer

If the printer is connected via WiFi or Ethernet, the printer should be seen as available in this window. Select the connected XiP printer, and click the “Send Job” button. Follow the subsequent prompts to get the print job started.

Send Job to XiP via USB

If unable to connect via WiFi or Ethernet, a print job can also be transferred via a USB drive. The USB drive should be formatted as FAT32 for the manual transfer. To do so, use the following steps:

  1. Plug USB drive into computer and ensure that the drive can be seen in a File Explorer window
  2. Return to NexaX and set up your print file
  3. Once model is set up with supports and orientation, click on the Save menu in the left hand toolbar of NexaX
  4. From the Save Menu, choose "Save Job" and name the file (file generation can take several minutes if the model has a large amount of layers)
  5. Once the file export is complete, minimize NexaX and use File Explorer to find the file and copy it over to the USB drive
  6. When the file finishes copying over to the drive, navigate to the file on the USB drive and drag and drop the .nxa file out of the job folder and into the root of the USB drive (this allows the printer to see the file and display it on the touchscreen UI)
  7. Eject the USB drive and remove from the computer
  8. Plug the USB drive into the port on the left hand side of the printer and wait ~30 seconds to allow the printer to read the drive
  9. On the touchscreen UI of the printer, choose Print > USB and choose your file from the list of print jobs available on the drive. Follow the prompts on the touchscreen to start the print


Printer does not show up in the Send Job dialog box.

If the target printer doesn't show up in the Send Job dialog box, you may need to re-establish the connection to the printer in the Manage Printers tab. You can do that by using the Add Printer function and typing in the IPv4 address found in the connection section of the printer user interface.

File won't send from the Send Job dialog box.

After you press Send Job button, the green bar should show progress. If nothing happens, you may need to reset permissions on your printer (in case of XiP or XiP Pro). Update to the latest firmware will often resolve the issue. Don't forget to turn the printer on and off again and re-establish connection to the printer in Manage Printers after the power cycle. 

If you are currently running the latest firmware, then you may need to re-install it by downloading one of these links to USB and installing it via USB on the printer. You can do this at the following section of the user interface on XiP and XiP Pro. 

  1. Navigate to Settings → System → Update
XiP Firmware renamed to
XiP Pro Firmware renamed to

Note when installing firmware by USB, you must not alter the file name of the .nxl file in any way, and keep it in the root directory of the USB drive. 

If issues persist, reach out to support by Submitting a Request at support, Download printer and NexaX logs and include them in the support request for fastest resolution.




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