XiP Package Components

The XiP printer comes with the necessary accessories to get printing right out of the box. Below is a breakdown of each component, and how it interacts with XiP.


There are a number of accessories that are necessary for the print process. XiP should be shipping with the following items:

If any of these components are missing from the package, let us know right away at support@nexa3d.com and we'll do everything we can to get you up and printing!


Build Plate

Build Plate3.JPG

When the printer door is open, slide the build plate onto the Z-axis platform towards the center of the printer. Flip the quick connected lever upward to lock the build plate in place before printing.


The Build Plate can be cleaned with fresh solvent, and should avoid being scratched. Always inspect the build plate for cured material or raised scratches before using to print, as this any cured resin or raised scratches can damage the membrane.



The Membrane is replaceable when it becomes worn or damaged. Flip the resin vat frame upside down to attach the membrane via the pressure clamps on each side. Ensure that the rubber gasket is installed before clamping. There is a groove in the frame for each clamp to hold onto.


Note: the membrane does not come pre-installed on the vat, so it will need to be installed before the first print

Periodically inspect the membrane for signs of wear or damage, and it is recommended to only use one type of material with each membrane. The resin vat frame can be used with different membranes interchangeably.

Resin Vat

The resin vat frame and the membrane frame will come as separate pieces that need to be assembled before first use. Membranes are meant to be stretched extremely taut, so the gasket must be pushed firmly into the groove on the bottom of the vat. This is extremely important to prevent leakage.

Note: Membrane frame is under tension, and might be slightly bent inward.

1 Turn the vat upside-down image2.png  
2 Place the membrane frame over the vat gasket facing the vat image3.png image4.png
3 Start from one corner of the frame and press it to fit in the groove image5.png image6.png
4 Press all corners one by one and make sure they fit properly into the groove image8.png image7.png
5 Place all four small inner flaps of the pressure clamps into the groove of membrane frame image10.png image9.png
6 Clamp down all four outer flaps to secure the membrane frame image14.png image12.png
7 Final check: Make sure membrane frame seated properly into the groove image13.png  



Vat Assm3.JPG

Once the membrane is clamped, flip the vat right side up and clip in the resin cartridge connector spout in the back right hand corner. This is the completed resin vat assembly. 


If using a material that cannot use the automatic resin dispense system, be aware of the fill level notches in the back left hand corner of the resin vat.


The max fill line is the second notch from the bottom. It is normal for the fill level to be slightly above the max fill line.


Place the vat on top of the LCD inside of the printer. Electromagnets will detect the vat, and lock it in place. The printer’s display will verify that the vat is locked with a popup. In the Printer Status section of the touchscreen UI, there is a toggle switch to engage and disengage the electromagnets.


Make sure the vat is seated correctly on all 4 corners and that it is flat.

Resin Vat NFC1.JPG

Ensure that the NFC tag is present so the printer can detect the vat when installing.

Resin Cartridge

Resin Bottle2.JPG

Shake the Resin cartridge for 30 seconds to mix, then tap Continue on the touch screen. Remove the seal cap before installing. To install, invert the cartridge and insert while rotating until the top of the handle is level with the top of the printer.

The dispense system is gravity-fed, resin will begin to flow immediately when the cartridge spout is seated within the clip-on cartridge/vat connector.



Check the cartridge valve for any leakage before inserting, and it is recommended to remove the cartridge from the chute before removing the vat. Store cartridge with the valve sealed and pointing upwards to avoid leakage in the case of a failing valve.

To use, install the vat assembly and insert the cartridge until the spout is seated in the vat connector and resin begins to dispense.

Note: Do not store the cartridge in the printer when not in use. Remove the cartridge and store with the valve of the cartridge closed and upright so they will not leak in case of a valve failure.


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